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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Oh dear, Sara.

This whole post is going to be dedicated to you Sara.
Entirely typed by Addictive Coffeebeans.(With a little sugar and spice added by SL)

Dear Sara,

First of all,i would like to thank you for bringing laughters to us with your comedic tags.
It totally displayed your utter stupidity and childishness.

"omgawd,and your grammer errors are way too many."
We sincerely apologise for any grammer mistakes made.
Please note that we are not professionals,and we would appreciate much if you would kindly pin-point the errors out.

I did be glad to correct your mistakes.
According to,"omgawd" and "loserish" don't exists.
And for your information,there is two administrator over this MOT,please indicate which "you're" you're referring to.
Else,i suggest you to read up more about quantities.

You called either me or my friend a loser,yet we do not see why that is the case.
We did not participate in any competitions,so why will we be even losing?
If you have any enquires regarding the word,loser,feel free to check out,

You claimed that either one of us are copying museum of twits.
Besides your apparent grammer mistake,we do not see why an act of copying will be make us losers.
Do you know that in life process,many of us learns by copying,for example,english.
How would we learn if we don't start copying?
How do we learn new vocabs and sentence structure if we don't copy it from the books we are reading?
Moreover,we did not lift word for word,and i believe,our contents are different in someway.
Examples are:
-We are not as sarcastic as them.
-We are not as disgusting as them.
-We are not as vulgar as them.

Sorry to dissapoint you,but your 'guess' is incorrect.
If grammer mistakes made us twits,which human being on earth is not one.
To err is human,lady.

Yeah,and i seriously do not understand why you love the word 'loser' so much,but anyway,thanks for your comments.

Yours sincerely,


Once again, thanks for bringing life to the tagboard.
And because of you, we've revived this blog.

You kong zai lai. (: