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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

SL is incharged in posting this post!
I was forced to post by Addictive CoffeeBeans a.k.a Gwen a.k.a Meiix Meiixz.

This post is dedicated to the creative and " kawaii nehxz!" people on the net.

These people talk, or rather type in a unique way.
This unique way of typing had been spread to hundreds, or maybe thousands in the net.
These UNIQUE people with special abilities type with double 'i's, end a word with 's', 'x' or 'z' or replace the alphabet 'g' with 'q', like they hold grudges with the alphabet 'g'.

For example :
"Hell0xzz. Frree tuudaexz? Wanna q0 0ut? liike causewayy 0r s0methiinnqqx?"

phew. i spend 2minutes typing this sentence.

They not only have a unique way of typing, they have good photography skills too!
They normally likes to take photos of their beautiful faces and putting them on their blogs or as their display picture in msn or other sites.

She even called herself gg0nqzhu w0rhhxz.

Miiexz verii ddha kawaiix nehhxz w0rrhxxzz.

Some are so creative where they went to an extent of taking pictures of themselves when they are changing clothes or wearing their undergarments!
They not only can show off how GOOD their figure is, it can also show how pretty their undergarment is!
EG. polka dots, stripes or even FLOWERS!

Isnt that great? You can kill two birds with one stone! :D

This particular person actually scratched someone's name out on her arm!

Sick isnt it?

There are all kind of twits out in the world, inventing more and more new and stupid creative things!
So why not be one?

Join them and you will never regret....

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Branded School Bags

Its new year eve!
Before i start,a very HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance to everyone out there =D

Of course,its a trandition to shop for new things in new year,thats why MOT brings you the latest trend-itional bag! (;

Shiny 'plasticbags' like zinc,square ,etcs can be commonly seen with teenagers nowadays.

Among inviewed,one said zinc is nice,cheap and its trend wearing 'plastic sling bags'
AHA! I heard the keyword,trend
Lets do some analysing.

How excalty do they define 'nice'?
A popular design of zinc will be a basic combination of 2 different colours,a logo and watermark of company.
The deepest simplicity,very nice indeed.

Hmm..a minimum of $39.90 is considered cheap?
I can have around 40 mushroom noodles with it,that is about packets of flour,a number of mushrooms,one cow scarified and lots of bean sprout.
Wow o.o
Well,at least compared to others non-branded bags,zinc/sqaure is much more expensize.

Guys,if you'r looking for trend-ish bags,grab your zinc/square bag now.(:

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Opening Of MOT

The new version of MOT,ministry of trends,motivated by the Musuem Of Twits,is now offically opened !

We,MOT,promise to keep you guys updated about the latest trends and beauty of trends and of course,not forgetting a little sacarism to shows how much we actually LOVES them.

Clarifications to be done:

-This is definately not a clone of the musuem of twits,at least we brings you different contents,fresh from the oven. [;

-Every post carries NO personal attacks.

Yep,please show your support to MOT now [: