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Friday, March 16, 2007

Addictive Coffeebeans now introduce to you the lastest current trend!


Please follow the below steps and do accordingly.

Bear in mind that an attituded image is always essential.
You will be going through a complete makeover.
Its gonna cost much,but don't worry,its worth it,you will soon earn yourself a reputation you yearned. (;

Step 1:

First,get your ears poke,not forgetting your nose and lips
Do not stop untill theres at least 10 holes all over you.
Remember to get yourself fancyful and colourful earrings for each holes.

Step 2:

Visit a barber and get your hair permed or rebonded.
*If your having a tight budget,you might wanna consider using a cable and water and to your hair electrified.
And yea,shop for some cheap multi-coloured dyes too.

Step 3:

Go for manicure.
Patterened/Black nails would be a good choice
*Once again,if you'r encountering financial problems,highlighting your finger nails might work too.

Step 4:

Wear punk clothes and get rings.Perferbably,black and pink.
*For your infomation,minimarkets do have cheap stocks.

Step 5:

Get your language right.
Never fail to write/talk without Singlish with twitish effects
If possible,change your name with a 'xiia0' in front.

Step 6:

Befriend some 'jiemuis'.
Learn vulgarities.

Congrats on offically being an ah lian after all these troubles :D
Remember to credit MOT's attituded handbook!
Your appearance should roughly look like this :

*Image proudly brought to you by a-n0b0dy.