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Saturday, April 7, 2007

The slasher

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It has come to our attention that girls or boys who called themselves the emo kids actually slashed themselves.
They will take penknives or ordinary knives to slash themselves at the wrists.
They claimed that doing this can ease the pain in their heart(or other organs) by slashing their wrists.

This person even took pictures of it,without blending the images-.-
Source: Addictive coffeebeans

You may ask yourself.
Why must they do that to themselves?
You may have questioned yourself but after that, you may follow the 'trend' and cut your wrists as well.

1st point: Stress.
As the parents and teachers increase their expectations to the students in school, many pupils can't handle the stress. This will then eventually lead to the cutting of wrists. Though such cases are rare, they may still happen. Stress may not just come from the school work, it can come from your parents. Some of their parents may be having quarrels frequently which may cause to child to have the stress too.

2nd point: Love
Though these teenagers are young, they will have their own boyfriends and girlfriends. Of course, these relationships don't last long and the girls' 'fairytale' will not end happily ever after. They will become heartbroken and thus slashed themselves to ease the pain in their heart. Doing this is stupid, as when the guy leaves you, he will never come back or even care about you anymore. What for hurt yourself when he don't even care at all? Slashing of wrists don't really happen in guys cos they are not as delicate as the girls.

Just to follow the trends
Some of them will just cut their wrists just because they think that it's the latest trend and everyone's doing it. These people normally will take pictures of their wrists with blood flowing out(like what I've showed above) and post it on the net. They might want people to think,"Look!I cut my wrist too!Like what everyone's doing!" They want to look emo, hurt or something when nothing actually happened to them. Piercing of several holes on the nose, ears, lips etc. is a form of 自残 to me.I mean, what's the use of piercing so many holes around your body when these holes might get infection!? Who suffers after that? When my friends ask me to join them to pierce earholes i ask,"Seriously, what's the use of piercing so many earholes?" They kept quiet for a moment and replied,"For fun la!" Is this really fun to them? They have to endure these unnecessary pain. What for?

Friday's weekly: 自残

Read it, though it's very wordy, it makes sense.
My apologies to non chinese readers.

I read an article about a few female students meeting up in the toilet and slashing themselves just to show their support to the show 萤火虫的梦, which was acted out by some of the campus superstar singers.

It's a pretty good show to me, but i dont think that these girls should go to an extent of slashing themselves just to show their support.
What a bunch of immatured girls eh?

I dont know who started this 'slashing wrist' activity but if i found out who he/she is, i would just slap him/her several times on the face and kick his/her groin.
Do you know that the body have to work extra hard just to replenish the blood you lost?
Do you know that the body have to work extra hard just to heal the wounds?

If you still insist that cutting yourself is right, do it.
You won't live long cos you will never know that you might cut any of your important arteries or veins.
And it will be none of my business.



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